• Daphine Moore

The 2020 Theme...Stories

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

December 26, 2019 I outlined a full year plan mapping out strategic steps in building my personal brand. These steps among many are much needed to successfully execute my next project(s). In this developed plan I added that I need to build on my storytelling skills. At this point i'm still considered a start-up business and throughout this unpredictable rollercoaster, I have invited the world to join me on this journey. I realized that I haven't been consistent in sharing my journey. The good, the bad and the lessons. I'll do better.

My goal is to develop ways I can embrace my responsibility to use the craft of storytelling and creating for the greater good of pushing the culture, leveraging the voices of millennials and highlighting black creatives through collaborative projects. I say this as a way to hold myself accountable in addition to being fully transparent with my intentions for anyone who may have identical objectives to join me. Let me be clear, i'm not a blogger by any means. This is an unfamiliar territory for me, yet fear is not an options. My voice will be heard one way or another. I believe blogging will be a nice place to start. Embarking on this I pray my blogs reach other black creatives and inspired entrepreneurs to learn from my doings. To be inspired and motivated to pursue what ever their hearts desires. With that said, come in, get comfortable and allow me to grace your screen with my stories and bold unapologetic TRUTH. 💋💜

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