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How to Create an EFFECTIVE Social Media Strategy for 2022

A social media strategy is basically a master plan of what you plan to do on social media platforms to achieve the goals that you want to get out of it. Whether it's building awareness or creating revenue streams, you are creating social media goals and developing steps to achieve them. Continue to read as I give you easy-to-follow steps on how to create an effective social media strategy (or plan) for 2022.

1. Pay Attention to Your Habits

The first thing you want to do (that is often skipped or acknowledged) is pay attention to your human behavior as you are engaging on social media. What made you laugh? What made you share it? What made you engage? Then use that information to apply those strategies to your own social media plan and creative content.

2. Determine Your Social Media Marketing SMART Goals

Understand what end goals you have for your social media and how that goal impacts the type of content you will create. For example, if your main goal is to raise awareness for your business, you would focus on content that showcases behind-the-scenes footage, before and after shots, and even customer testimonials.

Outlining your social media goals is key to helping you see the destination your social media plan is headed for. Use the SMART goal method to determine effective goals. Keep in mind that you can have more than one goal that can be going on at the same time or goals that are set for each quarter. You don’t have to pick one.

3. Choose Your Main Social Media Platforms

It’s tempting to want to curate a presence on every social media platform, but the question is, are you working harder or smarter? It’ll be far more effective if you can narrow down your platforms to where your target audience actually spends time.

Audit your current platforms to help make this decision. Look to see what has/hasn’t worked, what kind of content was posted (video, an image, stories), what time of the day received the most engagement, etc. Really dig deep to understand the habits and tell-tell signs of your followers. Based on the audit, you should be able to determine where the bulk of your audience lives. This can be one or multiple platforms. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE ON ALL PLATFORMS.

4. Develop a social media campaign

Now here comes the fun part. This is where you can tap into your creative side by brainstorming unique social media campaign ideas. In this step, you will seriously consider your brand, including tone, imagery, and so on.

Out of all the great ideas you come up with, pick one to execute. Again, we are looking to be effective, not burned out. With a clear message and call to action, make sure your image is just as eye-catching. Don’t be afraid to look at your competitors’ social media accounts to see what’s working for them.

Remember, at the end of the day, your campaign message should always bring you back to your main goal and support your call-to-action. If the campaign doesn’t support your SMART goals, keep brainstorming.

Create a social media content calendar to map out your strategy for the next few months. Based on your research in steps 1-3, you should have a good idea of when to post and what type of content to post.

5. Try It, Track It, Tweak It

Social media is forever changing, which means so will your strategy. Consider conducting monthly or quarterly reviews to track your social media campaign and a temperature check to confirm that the overall business goals are still in play.

Keep in mind that it takes time for greatness. Slow down and really give your campaign time to work. Make a note of what is and isn't working based on your insight reports, make the necessary changes, and relaunch.

Building a social media marketing plan from scratch can feel intimidating. But as long as you keep in mind that social media is made to be "social", keep your business brand/goals top of mind, and most importantly, HAVE FUN while doing so, then you’ll be just fine!

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